Mangelbert OÜ was established in 1999 and is 100% based on Estonian capital. The company is trading all types of grains, oilseeds, oilmeals/expellers, and derivative products all of which are used as ingredients in the animal feed industry.

The diversity of products and origins enables Mangelbert OÜ to maintain its individuality in the market place, offering agricultural products to buyers, which often involve complex logistics, and precise specifications. We have a specific role to play in the international market place, with our team of experienced traders involved, not exclusively on any one product, but on the agricultural trade as a whole, where years of experience have enabled the company to navigate its way around the ever changing world of commodity markets.

Mangelbert OÜ benefits from an excellent reputation, enabling the company to trade with all the major producers and trading houses around the world. The success of the company can be attributed to its expertise in shipping, chartering and railroad logistics together with its sound financial structure.

The company's strength lies in the wealth of experience of the management, together with a network of trading relationships in both producing and consuming countries.

Over the years of hard working Mangelbert OÜ has developed quite a range of destinations on supply and consumption side of agricultural commodities. The geography of our activities from the Black Sea ports (Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Romanian) spread out to Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, Italy, France, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Spain. The geography of our activities from Baltic Sea ports (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) spread out to Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Germany and Norway. The objective of the company is not to stop at already achieved goals but to try and develop further new destinations.

Mangelbert OÜ will continue to meet the challenge of procuring and shipping goods from a diverse range of origins for new and existing clients. In an ever-changing market place we firmly believe that with our lean and responsive team we are well positioned to meet the challenges that lie ahead.